• Oven and Stove Installation and Repairs

  • Ovens and stoves are integral parts of the kitchen and we use them every day in our homes, so it’s important they get the right service and care to ensure they last the distance. At Maccora Electrics, we install brand new ovens and stoves as well as wiring for all electrical induction cook tops. We fix broken switches on stoves and ovens and can repair and clean elements, globes and oven fans. If your oven is failing to heat up, don’t rush out to buy a new one just yet – it simply may require a new element and we can fix this promptly for you. We also repair or install brand new thermostats in ovens to ensure you are running at the right temperature.

    Any issues you may have with your stove or oven, we recommend giving us a call and we’ll advise you on the best way forward for your individual situation.